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Conclusion of AYM series, “Do Something” 9.1.10


Series finale 9.1.10

What up?! Just wanted to remind you not to miss the conclusion of our AYM series, “Do Something” this Wednesday night, 9.1.10 at 7pm. I’ve had a great time sharing this series with you! For the past 3 weeks we’ve alked about Noticing Needs, Overcoming Numbness, and Comforting the Afflicted. I hope that you, and your comfort level have been disturbed, and stirred by God! As a result I hope you feel moved, and motivated to “Do Something.” I know I have. It’s time we begin being the change we want to see in the world! See you Wednesday night as we conclude this series by talking about doing something that isn’t easy, and has a ripple-effect. If we want to see changes we’ve never seen before, we have to do things we’ve never done! Let’s GOOOOOOOOO! 


HEY! Quit frontin’…


During my devotions today, I was reading 2 Kings chapter 17. The whole chapter was about the people of Israel, and how they had been ignoring God and worshiping other “gods.” God would send people to warn Israel, but they wouldn’t listen and they’d continue with their way of life that God was displeased with. So, God exiled Israel to a foreign land as punishment for ignoring Him and His warnings, and choosing to worship other “gods.” As a result, people from all over began to move into the land that was vacated by the Israelites, and what was reportedof the new kids in town, really caught my attention…

“They honored and worshiped God, but not exclusively — They honored and worshiped God, but they also kept up their devotions to the old gods of the places they had come from

And they’re still doing it, still worshiping any old god that has nostalgic appeal to them. They don’t really worship God—they don’t take seriously what he says regarding how to behave and what to believe, what he revealed to the children of Jacob whom he named Israel. God made a covenant with his people and ordered them, “Don’t honor other gods: Don’t worship them, don’t serve them, don’t offer sacrifices to them. Worship God, the God who delivered you from Egypt in great and personal power. Reverence and fear him. Worship him. Sacrifice to him. And only him! All the things he had written down for you, directing you in what to believe and how to behave — well, do them for as long as you live. And whatever you do, don’t worship other gods! And the covenant he made with you, don’t forget your part in that. And don’t worship other gods! Worship God, and God only — he’s the one who will save you from enemy oppression.”

 But they didn’t pay any attention. They kept doing what they’d always done. As it turned out, all the time these people were putting on a front of worshiping God, they were at the same time involved with their local idols. And they’re still doing it. 2 Kings 17:32-40 msg

Thank You!

Hey everyone,
This past Saturday night, 5/22/10, AYM hosted their 2nd annual Missions Banquet & Silent Auction in support of our upcoming AYM missions trip to the Dominican Republic. It was a huge success, and a great night! Before I share with you just how huge a success, let me get you up to speed…

For the past few months, our team of 14 students, and 2 leaders had been sending support letters to friends and family, and selling tickets to our banquet. The cost of the trip is about $1200 per person, and that covers the airline ticket, transportation while in the DR, food, lodging, supplies, etc. Multiply that by 16 and you get a grand total of $19,200. Through our support letters, and banquet tickets, we were able to raise $12,000 towards our goal, and were praying that our silent auction would yield $7,200 in order to cover the remaining funds we needed. Last year our banquet raised $3,500, so quick math says we were in prayer for double last years funds, and I admit, at the beginning of the night I was in prayer, but can’t say I was 100% confident.

Enter, our very big, and able God, working through the many generous people in attendance that evening. At the end of the evening, our silent auction had raised $5,200! I was in awe of God,s provision, but he wasn’t done! As I was thanking our guests for their generosity and sharing with them what we raised, God spoke to one of our guests, and they listened, by writing a $2,000 check! That brought our total to exactly what we needed! Wow, I was floored, and hugged and thanked this couple with unspoken words, and lots of tears…

2 Corinthians 9:8-11 says, “God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything, more than just ready to do what needs to be done. As one psalmist puts it, He throws caution to the winds, giving to the needy in reckless abandon. His right-living, right-giving ways never run out, never wear out. This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you. He gives you something you can then give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, so that you can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God.”

Does He ever!! I look forward to God continuing to bless the generous guests we had at our banquet so they can continue to be a blessing to others in a way that causes many to be in awe of God! Our team’s goal, is to now respond to what God has given us, by in turn giving it away, and hoping that it results in full lives full of praise towards God not just in the people we serve in the Dominican, but in us as well!

Thank you for making this trip possible. You are making a huge difference in our world!


“The Power of a Changed Life” continues tonight 12.16.09

Continues Wednesday 12.16.09 @ 7pm!

Continues Wednesday 12.16.09 @ 7pm!

See you tonight at 7 pm for part 2 of this series focusing on what realzing, online and always remembering what God has done for us can and will change our lives, and the incredible impact us living out a changed life everyday can have on those we do life with! See you there…